This page gathers the documentation about the HTML variants syntaxes and their specificities.

Annotated XHTML

This syntax puts supplementary information in the rendered XHTML in order to be used by the CKEditor.

Metadata Annotation

Metadata provided in the page structure (XDOM) are now output when using the Annotated XHTML renderer, using the following rules:

  • it produces a container with the class xwiki-metadata-container
  • the container is a div or a span depending if the metadata is an inline context or not
  • all metadata are provided in dedicated attribute named on the schema data-xwiki-key where key is the metadata name.

Then the following XDOM: 

beginMetaData [[syntax]=[xwiki/2.0]]
onWord [Heading]
endMetaData [[syntax]=[xwiki/2.0]]

will be interpreted like this:

<div class="xwiki-metadata-container" data-xwiki-syntax="xwiki/2.0">

Macro Annotation



Annotated HTML5


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