XWiki Rendering Architecture

Last modified by Gabriel R─âileanu on 2020/07/01 12:57


  • Parser: Parses some textual input in a given syntax and generates a XDOM object which is an AST representing the input into structured blocks.
  • Renderer: Takes a XDOM as input and generates some output.
  • Transformation: Takes some XDOM and modifies it to generate modified XDOM (see the list of Transformations). One important transformation is the MacroTransformation which looks for all macro blocks in the XDOM tree and replaces them by blocks generated by various macros. Note that executing transformations is an optional step and if you don't run them then you'll get a XDOM object without any transformation applied on it (e.g. without macros executed). Also note that there's a TransformationContext used that holds various information about the context: the XDOM being transformed, the syntax, and more.
  • Macro: Takes a macro definition as input and generates XDOM Blocks (see the list of Macros).
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