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XWiki Syntax 1.0: Verbatim

1.0 Verbatim

Allow to enter content that will not be formatted (in other words the XWiki Syntax will not be taken into account).

In XWiki Syntax 1.0 the Pre macro only preserves XWiki Syntax and Radeox macros. However HTML snippets and Groovy/Velocity scripts are still executed.
FeatureXWiki Syntax 1.0Result
Verbatim inlineSome verbatim {pre}*[not rendered]*{/pre} contentSome verbatim *[not rendered]* content
Verbatim block

{pre} multi line *verbatim* content {/pre}
It's also possible to use the Code macro but it displays its content in a box by default.

multi line
Created by Admin on 2008/02/20 12:36
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