FeatureXWiki Syntax 1.0Result
Link to a page in the current Space[WebHome]Web Home
Link with a label[label>WebHome]label
Link with XWiki Syntax in the label<a href="$xwiki.getURL("WebHome")"><strong>bold label</strong></a>bold label
Link to a page with the space specified[Main.WebHome]Web Home
Link to a subwiki[subwiki:Main.WebHome]Web Home
Link that opens in a new window[label>WebHome>_blank]label
Link to a URL directly in the textThis is a URL: http://xwiki.orgThis is a URL: http://xwiki.org
Link to a URL[http://xwiki.org]http://xwiki.org
Link to a URL with a label[XWiki>http://xwiki.org]XWiki
Link to an email address[[email protected]>mailto:[email protected]][email protected]
Image Link<a href="$xwiki.getURL("Space1.Page1")">{image:img.png|document=Space2.Page2}</a>img.png
Image Link with image parameters<a href="$xwiki.getURL("Space1.Page1")">{image:img.png|document=Space2.Page2|width=26|height=26}</a>img.png
Link to an attachment on the current page

See Attach Macro for details

Link to an attachment in a different page

See Attach Macro for details

Link to an Anchor in a page[label>Space.Page#anchor]label
Link to a Heading in a page
When you add a Heading, an anchor named "H" followed by the heading title with only alpha characters is created. For example, for a Heading named "My heading", the generated anchor will be "HMyheading".

XWiki Syntax 1.0 Link Specification

Part in ( ) is required, parts in [ ] are optional and one of the two chars in { } needs to be added if optional parts are being used.

The full format of a link is [label {> or |}] (resource) [@interWikiAlias] [{> or |} target]

  • label: An optional string which will be displayed to the user as the link name when rendered. Example: My Page
  • resource: The full link reference using the following syntax: (reference) [?queryString] [#anchor]
    • reference: The link reference. This can be either
      • A URI in the form protocol:path (examples: http://xwiki.org, mailto:[email protected]), or
      • A wiki page reference in the form [[wikiName:] spaceNameList.] (pageName). Examples: WebHome, Main.WebHome, mywiki:Main.WebHome
        • wikiName: An optional string containing the name of a virtual wiki. The link will point to a page inside that virtual wiki. Example: mywiki
        • spaceNameList: An optional dot-separated list of wiki Space names. If no space is specified the current space is used. Examples: Main, A.B, A.B.C
        • pageName: A required string containing the name of the linked wiki page. Example: WebHome
    • queryString: An optional query string for specifying parameters that will be used in the rendered URL. Example: mydata1=5&mydata2=Hello
    • anchor: An optional anchor name pointing to an anchor defined in the referenced link. Note that in XWiki anchors are automatically created for headings. Example: HTableOfContents
  • interWikiAlias: An optional Inter Wiki alias as defined in the InterWiki Map (see the Admin Guide). This is only valid for wiki page names. Example: wikipedia
  • target: An optional string corresponding to the HTML target attribute for a HTML A link element. This element is used when rendering the link. It defaults to opening the link in the current window. Examples: _self, _blank
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