• Blueshirts
    Blueshirts, 2012/01/09 05:22

    I added the Maven dependencies above though received an error during compilation.

    Failure to find org.wikimodel:org.wikimodel.wem:jar:2.0.7-20110531 in http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/

    It seems like the xwiki dependencies are in the Maven central repo though the wikimodel ones are not.  I added the xwiki repository to my pom and that seemed to solve the problem.


    Not sure if I missed something though it seemed to resolve my issue.

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2012/01/09 12:40

      You're right, we have forgotten to upload this wikimodel version to Maven Central. We'll fix it ASAP.

      • Vincent Massol
        Vincent Massol, 2012/02/21 13:27

        Starting with XWiki 4.0 we have integrated wikimodel in our source code and thus there's no more the need to deploy wikimodel to Maven Central.

  • Blueshirts
    Blueshirts, 2012/01/11 21:51

    I could be doing something wrong though I needed to add the following dependency fo syntax-xhtml in order to get the examples below working.


    If I didn't I received the following error:

    Exception in thread "main" org.xwiki.rendering.converter.ConversionException: Failed to locate Renderer for syntax [XHTML 1.0]
    at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.converter.DefaultConverter.convert(DefaultConverter.java:91)
    at jsftest.xwikitest.XWikiTest.main(XWikiTest.java:38)
    Caused by: org.xwiki.component.manager.ComponentLookupException: Can't find descriptor for the component [role 
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